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January 27th, 2022


Dear Families,

My family and I will be moving from Humboldt County this summer, so I am ending my practice with Redwood Pediatrics at the end of April. The past few years have been such a hard time for all of us as individuals and as a community, and my family has been no exception. It breaks our hearts to leave, but at this time I need to prioritize what is best for the people I love.


It has been the deepest honor of my career to have played a role in the care of your children, to have worked with such caring and capable staff at Redwood Pediatrics, and to have been part of this remarkable, family centered community in this way. 


Redwood Pediatrics is actively searching for my replacement, and of course Dr. Killfoil and all the staff at Redwood Peds will continue to offer excellent pediatric care after my departure. I intend to remain part of the group that is creating a youth mental health crisis stabilization and residential treatment center for our community, located in Eureka.


Thank you all for the trust you have shown me over the past decade in caring for your children, and for everything you have taught me about parenting, family and love.


Yours Sincerely,


Evan Buxbaum MD

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